Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thoughts on 2012

In July of 2009 I posted on here talking about who I thought would make a good ticket for the republican side. I have been thinking about this issue more and more as we have moved into the time when people are thinking about who will run. Let me start with my break down of the names that I have been hearing a lot about and then give you my pick no. In 2009 I said I wanted to see a J.C. Watts and Sarah Palin. This ticket won't happen since J.C. Watts has said he will not run.

There is a lot of people in the press talking about Donald Trump. He seems fine on economic issues and even better than what we have on foreign policy. However he falls short when it comes to social issues. Cultural rot is what caused the mess we are in now so someone who fails to see the right side of social issues is not the one we need to lead us out of the issues. I'd say he is a no go.

The press is also trying to talk Newt Gingrich into running. There are some good things to say about him, however there is a lack on the moral leadership side of things. I don't think he can win the nomination, and I'm sure he can't win the general election because I don't think he can get the Christian right to back him.

Another name the press keeps throwing out there is Mike Huckabee. He has a mixed history on taxes, some questions on pardons. He also has the issue of what degree he has. Again I'm not a big fan, and I don't think he can win.

Mitt Romney is another name the press likes to throw about. His track record with health care makes it hard to trust how conservative he really is. Again not my first pick.

Why does it seem that everyone the press wants to push is weak at best? Well because the same press that keeps pushing these names for the republican nomination gave us Obama. They are still in love with him and know he can't win if they don't set him up with a weak opponent. So lets look at who they are afraid of and who they are not talking about....

Sarah Palin seems to scare the living day lights out of the press. I really like her politics on about every issue. I have had one or two things that I have had some small disagreement with but over all I really like her. The issue I see is that she has been attacked so much that she will be too bloody to compete. I don't know what more we can ask for when it comes to what she stands for. She is conservative and is willing to fight for it. I really think she would make a great vice president and after 8 years she would make a good president.

What could I ask for better than a good Christian conservative woman who stands up for what she believes? How about a Christian conservative man who will stand up for what he believes!And if he happens to be black to help heal our racial issues that president Obama has caused then that is icing on the cake. My pick to lead the ticket is Herman Cain. He has been trying to make the headlines and with a little help I think he can win. Go check out his website at and see what he has to say. Also, if you want more info you can go to youtube and search him there. On either place you need to watch his CPAC speech.

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  1. Pretty good breakdown. I had heard of Cain but don't know anything about him. Going to have to check out what he has to say.