Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Radio Idea

Today on the way home from work I was running later than normal so there was a show that I'm not used to on the radio. They were talking about who would be a good next president if the election was today. As I thought about this I thought we would need someone who would be able to undo all the damage that Obama is causing to our country. So with this in mind here is my thought of the "perfect" ticket. I know that it isn't perfect but you will see my reasons for this ticket. I would go for JC Watts with a vice president of Sara Palin.

Why them you ask? Well I will explain. I don't like everything about any of them, but I think they would be able to repair the damage being done as we speak. Obama is out there saying things about white people that are designed to feed animosity towards the whites (see his first reaction to the Gates arrest). This is putting our race relations back 20 to 50 years as far as the attitude of the whites towards the blacks. This is sad, but I am really worried that many of the white people will think that this is the mainstream black American mindset. JC Watts is a smart, conservative, and not hate filled black man who could show the country that not all black Americans are like Obama. Both he and Sarah Palin would be willing to try and return out country it's conservative roots. I normally would not even consider skin color in a candidate but I believe that Obama is hurting American race relations so badly that we would need someone who could really bridge the racial divide.