Saturday, August 15, 2009

Know Your Foundation

As I have been watching the news I found my self asking how people can be so blind to believe some of the things that have been being put forward. Then I realized what it is that makes people fall for the lies, they don't have a good foundation on truth and thus they can't handle reality. Here is a good example, most people in America believe, at least to some degree, in evolution. So they don't see it as crazy to believe that the human race is progressing upward. If you think that then why not try the same failed ideas from history and try them again? I mean if we have evolved higher than we were a generation or two ago then maybe we can make what the Soviets tried work even though history shows it was nothing but a big failure. And hey even though it didn't work in any other place in the world then why not try government controlled health care?

As I was thinking about this I realized that it that there are many truths that all work out here. I say that the foundation of everything I believe is that humanity is corrupt or sinful. This bares out in history and everyday around the world. On this one simple thing you can build everything else that I believe. Let me give you an illustration of how this works. I believe that government can not control everything because that will only breed corruption due to the fact that the government is made of up people. I have always argued that the market place needs to be free for the private sector and policed by the government to keep the dishonest people from taking advantage of others. As I was talking about things with my Dad he said something I found to be quite true. He pointed out that the 3 part system isn't just for the Trinity but it has it's part in everything. I realized how true that is. The market place has this too. God has to have His place in the market place as well. What part does God play in the market place you ask? Well I'll tell you. The private sector provides the producers and the consumers who make the economy work, the government polices to keep it honest, and the third leg is God, He is the one who sets the rules by which the market must be governed. Without the set standard set by God either the private sector will run rampant and become corrupt, or the government will rule the market place with an iron fist and again corruption will run rampant. Again one more place we can see the strength of a triangle. As it is in everything when one of the sides of the triangle is removed the triangle will collapse and soon there is only one side left, I fear it will soon be only the government side left in the medical care sector.