Saturday, April 4, 2009

been a while

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything. My laptop had a broken key board so I had to get that fixed.

As I'm sure most of you know I have had a number of thoughts about things going on. Did anyone notice the markets while the president was out of the country? Isn't it odd that they go up when he is quite or leaves the country? For someone who was elected because of the economy he sure is wrecking everything. But the part that gets me is when I talk to people who say either "the market isn't a good judge of what he is doing." or "I wish the market wouldn't do that." Well I wish it wouldn't too! I have money in it, but it isn't "the market" it is the people who are invested in it. The people who control the most money in the market know a lot more about the economy than I do, or than the president does. (Although I'm thinking I know more about it than he does based on his actions)

So now lets get to my real beef here. I was reviled and called all kinds of names, chief of which was raciest, during the election when I said that this man wanted to do the same kind of things that Stalin did in Russia. This is something I wish I could say I was wrong about, but sadly I have to say I told you so to anyone who attacked me for saying such things. The firing of GM's CEO and now the press to strip him of his rightful retirement, which includes differed salary, is just the latest in his moves. Stalin wanted to move Russia from being agricultural to being industrial and he didn't care the cost. Obama campaigned on, and now is working to achieve, the movement of our country from a free market oil based economy to a government ran green energy economy. To achieve his goal he is attacking "big business" (which I might point out employs most people in one way or another) and he is firing the people who know how to fix things but not the people who are breaking them, like the head of union. AIG employees who made the company money are now having their pay seized by the government, and are getting death threats from the mobs. GM has been taken over by the president, who has never ran a business in his life much less built cars, who now wants to reduce how many trucks and SUVs they make. Never mind that GM has 20 models that turn a profit and 11, or 55%, of them are trucks and SUVs. Why would you scrap the cars that make money? Well for the same reason he talked down the economy. I am afraid that he is trying to create such a crises that he will have cause, at least in his mind, to forgo elections in 4 years because "we don't have the money and after all he is the only one who can fix it." I hope I'm wrong, and I hope we can replace congress next year and stop him before he does suspend elections. He is taking our freedom away! Your freedom to pick your Dr, the freedom of Doctors to not murder children, our freedom to drive what we want where we want when we want, and the freedom for business to run their business as they see fit. These are the rights he has gone after so far and he hasn't even been there 90 days! What's next?? In my first predictions I said I didn't think he would have labor camps or gulags...but after the treatment of the banks I'm beginning to wonder if he might try. It is clear that Stalin is his hero, but what isn't clear is how far our nation will allow him to go. I believe that we should pray for the conversion of this man. If he was really trying to walk with Christ like he calmed during the campaign, you know the same one in which he said he didn't know what his pastor believed, then there is no way he would be doing any of this.

Well this is a long post, and one that I'm sure most of you knew already. But I have been thinking that we need to speak up now while we still can!