Thursday, December 17, 2009

global warning

I know I haven't been writing real regular being busy with school and work and stuff, for that I'm sorry. I thought I would write after I saw a video of a young girl, about 12 or 13, giving a speech where she talked about how afraid she was because of global warming, the whole in the ozone and so forth. As I watched it I thought it was sad and thought I would write a few things on this myself. I'm not a scientist but I have had a few classes. I don't many if any of my readers will find this new information for many, if any, of my readers but it might help tie things together for you.

WARNING: This may contain rather simplistic science and common since mixed together in an unhealthy way.

OK so the whole world is meeting to talk about how to stop global warming at a time when it is coming out that man made global warming is more or less a hoax. What I want to know is why didn't every one know this before? Let me break down the story we have been being told to believe and see just how blind these people really are.

We are to stop cutting down trees because if we lose all our trees then where are we going to get oxygen? Well that is a good question, but these people wanting to tell us how to live don't stop there. The next step is to blame all the CO2 that we put out for killing the trees...what?? are they totally stupid???? Don't trees need CO2? I could be wrong but I could have sworn that plants, through a process call photosynthesis, take in CO2 and use the C then putting back out O2. Isn't that how they give us the oxygen that we will all die without? They say that we shouldn't burn wood, grass, or anything else because it will put CO2 in the air and that is a "green house gas" but if we don't burn it then it will decompose and put out CH4 which is a much worse greenhouse gas. But of course we use lots of CH4 in our day to day living because it is a great energy source, and we are again chastised for burning CH4 because it puts off CO2. Let me break this down a little for you. When you burn CH4 in a properly ventilated area you are mixing 1 CH4 molecule with 2 O2 molecules so the end result of burning this poisonous gas that is also a greenhouse gas is as follows.

First you take the four O atoms and mix it with the C atom and the 4 H atoms. When you do you have to give the C atom 2 O atoms so you end up with 1 CO2 molecule (WARNING: CO2 may, or may not we don't really know, cause global warming, but without it the plants will all die and we will soon follow for lack of Oxygen)and 2 H2O molecules. (WARNING: H2O can be cause injury in all the states. As a gas it can burn you causing serous burns, as a liquid you can drown in it and die, and in the solid it can be used as a projectile and cause damage to the person it hits. However if you don't have enough of it you will die)

So basically from what I can tell we are suppose to quit burning a natural energy source that will poison us because it will put off 2 gases that won't hurt us and we need to survive. There is only one kind of person I know of that would think this is a good idea, and that would be a Marxist. I mean it is only logical. If they really think that cutting off the incentive to produce is a good idea then why not cut off the gas that is turned into the oxygen that we need? And if we are going to eliminate the source of income for the poor then why not get rid of a source of H2O and O2?

Now for all you Christians out there saying I'm being too hard on them lets take a moment to think about what the Bible might have to say about this. The Bible says that God made all the animals and man and said it was good right? Well animals and people exhale CO2 all the time, and if God said it was good then it must be right? Or was God wrong about that? And if he was wrong about that then what else was He wrong about? The way I see it God wasn't wrong then and He wasn't wrong when he said "he who does not work does not eat." Yet we are to throw away all we have learned both from the word of God and from lessons in history and jump on the bandwagon to "stop global warming" and "get rid of the haves and the have nots." I have a better plan, why don't we just realize that God made the poor and the rich alike, and He made earth and all that is in it. When we keep that in mind then maybe we won't worry so much...after all worry can kill you. Going back to that girl in her speech, she was so worried about things that she was depriving herself of the good things in life. She was afraid to go out in the sun, she had quit fishing because they caught a fish with cancer, and she was feeling guilty for living in a country that was blessed with great wealth. I find this to be sad, and yet the world is racing after what will cause our great fall. We still have a chance. If we will turn from our wicked ways, pray to God then He will hear us and heal our broken land. One of the ways He can heal the USA is if we His people will go and vote and send people to Washington who will follow biblical principles. We can also get involved and either run for office ourselves or push those who do to follow those principles.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Know Your Foundation

As I have been watching the news I found my self asking how people can be so blind to believe some of the things that have been being put forward. Then I realized what it is that makes people fall for the lies, they don't have a good foundation on truth and thus they can't handle reality. Here is a good example, most people in America believe, at least to some degree, in evolution. So they don't see it as crazy to believe that the human race is progressing upward. If you think that then why not try the same failed ideas from history and try them again? I mean if we have evolved higher than we were a generation or two ago then maybe we can make what the Soviets tried work even though history shows it was nothing but a big failure. And hey even though it didn't work in any other place in the world then why not try government controlled health care?

As I was thinking about this I realized that it that there are many truths that all work out here. I say that the foundation of everything I believe is that humanity is corrupt or sinful. This bares out in history and everyday around the world. On this one simple thing you can build everything else that I believe. Let me give you an illustration of how this works. I believe that government can not control everything because that will only breed corruption due to the fact that the government is made of up people. I have always argued that the market place needs to be free for the private sector and policed by the government to keep the dishonest people from taking advantage of others. As I was talking about things with my Dad he said something I found to be quite true. He pointed out that the 3 part system isn't just for the Trinity but it has it's part in everything. I realized how true that is. The market place has this too. God has to have His place in the market place as well. What part does God play in the market place you ask? Well I'll tell you. The private sector provides the producers and the consumers who make the economy work, the government polices to keep it honest, and the third leg is God, He is the one who sets the rules by which the market must be governed. Without the set standard set by God either the private sector will run rampant and become corrupt, or the government will rule the market place with an iron fist and again corruption will run rampant. Again one more place we can see the strength of a triangle. As it is in everything when one of the sides of the triangle is removed the triangle will collapse and soon there is only one side left, I fear it will soon be only the government side left in the medical care sector.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Radio Idea

Today on the way home from work I was running later than normal so there was a show that I'm not used to on the radio. They were talking about who would be a good next president if the election was today. As I thought about this I thought we would need someone who would be able to undo all the damage that Obama is causing to our country. So with this in mind here is my thought of the "perfect" ticket. I know that it isn't perfect but you will see my reasons for this ticket. I would go for JC Watts with a vice president of Sara Palin.

Why them you ask? Well I will explain. I don't like everything about any of them, but I think they would be able to repair the damage being done as we speak. Obama is out there saying things about white people that are designed to feed animosity towards the whites (see his first reaction to the Gates arrest). This is putting our race relations back 20 to 50 years as far as the attitude of the whites towards the blacks. This is sad, but I am really worried that many of the white people will think that this is the mainstream black American mindset. JC Watts is a smart, conservative, and not hate filled black man who could show the country that not all black Americans are like Obama. Both he and Sarah Palin would be willing to try and return out country it's conservative roots. I normally would not even consider skin color in a candidate but I believe that Obama is hurting American race relations so badly that we would need someone who could really bridge the racial divide.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

been a while

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything. My laptop had a broken key board so I had to get that fixed.

As I'm sure most of you know I have had a number of thoughts about things going on. Did anyone notice the markets while the president was out of the country? Isn't it odd that they go up when he is quite or leaves the country? For someone who was elected because of the economy he sure is wrecking everything. But the part that gets me is when I talk to people who say either "the market isn't a good judge of what he is doing." or "I wish the market wouldn't do that." Well I wish it wouldn't too! I have money in it, but it isn't "the market" it is the people who are invested in it. The people who control the most money in the market know a lot more about the economy than I do, or than the president does. (Although I'm thinking I know more about it than he does based on his actions)

So now lets get to my real beef here. I was reviled and called all kinds of names, chief of which was raciest, during the election when I said that this man wanted to do the same kind of things that Stalin did in Russia. This is something I wish I could say I was wrong about, but sadly I have to say I told you so to anyone who attacked me for saying such things. The firing of GM's CEO and now the press to strip him of his rightful retirement, which includes differed salary, is just the latest in his moves. Stalin wanted to move Russia from being agricultural to being industrial and he didn't care the cost. Obama campaigned on, and now is working to achieve, the movement of our country from a free market oil based economy to a government ran green energy economy. To achieve his goal he is attacking "big business" (which I might point out employs most people in one way or another) and he is firing the people who know how to fix things but not the people who are breaking them, like the head of union. AIG employees who made the company money are now having their pay seized by the government, and are getting death threats from the mobs. GM has been taken over by the president, who has never ran a business in his life much less built cars, who now wants to reduce how many trucks and SUVs they make. Never mind that GM has 20 models that turn a profit and 11, or 55%, of them are trucks and SUVs. Why would you scrap the cars that make money? Well for the same reason he talked down the economy. I am afraid that he is trying to create such a crises that he will have cause, at least in his mind, to forgo elections in 4 years because "we don't have the money and after all he is the only one who can fix it." I hope I'm wrong, and I hope we can replace congress next year and stop him before he does suspend elections. He is taking our freedom away! Your freedom to pick your Dr, the freedom of Doctors to not murder children, our freedom to drive what we want where we want when we want, and the freedom for business to run their business as they see fit. These are the rights he has gone after so far and he hasn't even been there 90 days! What's next?? In my first predictions I said I didn't think he would have labor camps or gulags...but after the treatment of the banks I'm beginning to wonder if he might try. It is clear that Stalin is his hero, but what isn't clear is how far our nation will allow him to go. I believe that we should pray for the conversion of this man. If he was really trying to walk with Christ like he calmed during the campaign, you know the same one in which he said he didn't know what his pastor believed, then there is no way he would be doing any of this.

Well this is a long post, and one that I'm sure most of you knew already. But I have been thinking that we need to speak up now while we still can!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

fear of the Lord part 1

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything, and for that I'm sorry. I have been thinking of how sad it is that America has no understanding of consequences. Proverbs says, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." What dose this mean? Well I'm going to explore this, and I think it will take more than one post so that is why I named this one part 1. Let me start with this question, why should we be afraid of the Lord? The most obvious reason is that His justness makes it where all sinners are dammed to hell (yes I did just use both those words) and we are all sinners. You see the Lords standard is perfection and none of us are perfect. How ever for those of us who believe in Christ for salvation we don't have to worry about this because we have been giving a pardon for all our sins. So what is there to fear of the Lord for those of us who are believers? Well just because we don't go to hell doesn't mean that there is no consequences for our actions. After all Mossies was not allowed to enter the promise land. Let me bring this down to earth a little. We in America are taught by our schools that there no reason to behave in a moral way. We are taught that if we use a condom then there is no punishment for immoral actions. We now live in a time where families are falling apart right and left and everything from crime to disease are on the rise because of it. There are studies out there that show the the fear of rejections that comes from a broken home can lead to sickness in the children. Our rejections of His economic plan has caused a melt down in our economy that our government is now trying to fix by further rejecting His laws (which are also basic economics 101). Sadly our nations refuses to accept the existence of absolutes so we are willing to keep trying things that have failed over and over and over because maybe this time we are enlightened enough to make it work. The end result is that the wisdom of men is foolishness. In future posts I will go into more detail to show you how things are. as I say here.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Something to ponder

It is interesting how the people who have taken great strides to teach our culture that there are no absolutes are the same group of people who are now crying for the enforcement of laws based on the idea that there is such a thing as an absolute. Just think about it, when people believed that there were absolutes and there for a right and wrong you didn't have the problem of people pirating music, movies, or other media items. The NEA and Hollywood have made it their task to break down our belief in absolutes and now they are the ones crying their eyes out when people steal things through downloads, or act violent in schools, or any number of other things that they complain about. Many of the things they complain about are in fact wrong but they have been done such a good job teaching our children that there are no absolutes so "if it feels good, do it!" This is a sad reality that now we all have to live with. I spoke with a young man not too long ago who was boasting about the program he wrote to steal minutes for prepaid cell phones, and a virus he wrote to take over other people's computers to use for his own gain. When I confronted him about why he would do these things to people his answer was, "it's fun." Sadly as I spoke with him he felt that all the pain and headaches he was causing people and even the loss of revenue from the companies that he was stealing from was all ok because "having fun" gave him license to do these things. Sadly this young man is one of the "good kids" yet he has no problem ripping people off in these ways. He seemed shocked that I didn't download movies off the internet, copy other peoples free lunch coupons, or scam the blowing ally out of free games. He said, "It's all just fun, and cheap fun at that." What? Cheap fun?? What is he talking about? Driving down the stock prices of the companies you are cheating? Driving up the prices of goods and services for the rest of us? How is this "cheap fun"? Yet he seemed convinced that being fun somehow made it OK. He later was complaining about having to spend money on a date in order to get sex. When I ask him about moral reasons he might want to think of a date as something other than payment for sex he said, "Well, she's hot and it's fun." Then I ask him about the risks he was taking and he said it was ok because it was fun. So lets see here...being fun makes it worth getting an STD? This is crazy, yet this is the sad result of teaching our children that there is no absolutes. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I for one would rather earn my money, pay for the things I have, and treat others with respect in exchange for living a healthy life filled with real meaning beyond just having fun. I'm not saying I don't do anything wrong, but by admitting the existence of absolutes and finding that measure of absolutes in the Bible I know that while I may not be able to do everything right there is a redemptive plan available to us through Jesus Christ.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Santa is anti Christmas?

I know Christmas is over, but I've been having this nagging thought. See I was listening to a song about how you had better be good because Santa has a list and naughty people go on the list and don't get a gift. However, Christ came for the sinner (or the naughty) not the righteous. We are all sinners, so you could say we are all on the naughty list, but no amount of being good will get us off. The only way to get off the naughty list and on the good list (listed in the book of life) is to put our faith in Christ and his work on the cross, the real gift of Christmas. So it seems that Santa got it backwards from Christ, the One who's birthday we are observing. This is just one more reason we should look to the Bible which tells the story of the Christ of Christmas rather than to the media who just doesn't get it.