Thursday, December 17, 2009

global warning

I know I haven't been writing real regular being busy with school and work and stuff, for that I'm sorry. I thought I would write after I saw a video of a young girl, about 12 or 13, giving a speech where she talked about how afraid she was because of global warming, the whole in the ozone and so forth. As I watched it I thought it was sad and thought I would write a few things on this myself. I'm not a scientist but I have had a few classes. I don't many if any of my readers will find this new information for many, if any, of my readers but it might help tie things together for you.

WARNING: This may contain rather simplistic science and common since mixed together in an unhealthy way.

OK so the whole world is meeting to talk about how to stop global warming at a time when it is coming out that man made global warming is more or less a hoax. What I want to know is why didn't every one know this before? Let me break down the story we have been being told to believe and see just how blind these people really are.

We are to stop cutting down trees because if we lose all our trees then where are we going to get oxygen? Well that is a good question, but these people wanting to tell us how to live don't stop there. The next step is to blame all the CO2 that we put out for killing the trees...what?? are they totally stupid???? Don't trees need CO2? I could be wrong but I could have sworn that plants, through a process call photosynthesis, take in CO2 and use the C then putting back out O2. Isn't that how they give us the oxygen that we will all die without? They say that we shouldn't burn wood, grass, or anything else because it will put CO2 in the air and that is a "green house gas" but if we don't burn it then it will decompose and put out CH4 which is a much worse greenhouse gas. But of course we use lots of CH4 in our day to day living because it is a great energy source, and we are again chastised for burning CH4 because it puts off CO2. Let me break this down a little for you. When you burn CH4 in a properly ventilated area you are mixing 1 CH4 molecule with 2 O2 molecules so the end result of burning this poisonous gas that is also a greenhouse gas is as follows.

First you take the four O atoms and mix it with the C atom and the 4 H atoms. When you do you have to give the C atom 2 O atoms so you end up with 1 CO2 molecule (WARNING: CO2 may, or may not we don't really know, cause global warming, but without it the plants will all die and we will soon follow for lack of Oxygen)and 2 H2O molecules. (WARNING: H2O can be cause injury in all the states. As a gas it can burn you causing serous burns, as a liquid you can drown in it and die, and in the solid it can be used as a projectile and cause damage to the person it hits. However if you don't have enough of it you will die)

So basically from what I can tell we are suppose to quit burning a natural energy source that will poison us because it will put off 2 gases that won't hurt us and we need to survive. There is only one kind of person I know of that would think this is a good idea, and that would be a Marxist. I mean it is only logical. If they really think that cutting off the incentive to produce is a good idea then why not cut off the gas that is turned into the oxygen that we need? And if we are going to eliminate the source of income for the poor then why not get rid of a source of H2O and O2?

Now for all you Christians out there saying I'm being too hard on them lets take a moment to think about what the Bible might have to say about this. The Bible says that God made all the animals and man and said it was good right? Well animals and people exhale CO2 all the time, and if God said it was good then it must be right? Or was God wrong about that? And if he was wrong about that then what else was He wrong about? The way I see it God wasn't wrong then and He wasn't wrong when he said "he who does not work does not eat." Yet we are to throw away all we have learned both from the word of God and from lessons in history and jump on the bandwagon to "stop global warming" and "get rid of the haves and the have nots." I have a better plan, why don't we just realize that God made the poor and the rich alike, and He made earth and all that is in it. When we keep that in mind then maybe we won't worry so much...after all worry can kill you. Going back to that girl in her speech, she was so worried about things that she was depriving herself of the good things in life. She was afraid to go out in the sun, she had quit fishing because they caught a fish with cancer, and she was feeling guilty for living in a country that was blessed with great wealth. I find this to be sad, and yet the world is racing after what will cause our great fall. We still have a chance. If we will turn from our wicked ways, pray to God then He will hear us and heal our broken land. One of the ways He can heal the USA is if we His people will go and vote and send people to Washington who will follow biblical principles. We can also get involved and either run for office ourselves or push those who do to follow those principles.

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  1. Interesting (and proper I think) take. The only thing I might add is that we need to do more than just recognize that God made the rich and the poor. He also gave us obligations and responsibilities to assist our fellow man. Not coddle, assist.