Saturday, February 7, 2009

fear of the Lord part 1

I know it has been a while since I last posted anything, and for that I'm sorry. I have been thinking of how sad it is that America has no understanding of consequences. Proverbs says, "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." What dose this mean? Well I'm going to explore this, and I think it will take more than one post so that is why I named this one part 1. Let me start with this question, why should we be afraid of the Lord? The most obvious reason is that His justness makes it where all sinners are dammed to hell (yes I did just use both those words) and we are all sinners. You see the Lords standard is perfection and none of us are perfect. How ever for those of us who believe in Christ for salvation we don't have to worry about this because we have been giving a pardon for all our sins. So what is there to fear of the Lord for those of us who are believers? Well just because we don't go to hell doesn't mean that there is no consequences for our actions. After all Mossies was not allowed to enter the promise land. Let me bring this down to earth a little. We in America are taught by our schools that there no reason to behave in a moral way. We are taught that if we use a condom then there is no punishment for immoral actions. We now live in a time where families are falling apart right and left and everything from crime to disease are on the rise because of it. There are studies out there that show the the fear of rejections that comes from a broken home can lead to sickness in the children. Our rejections of His economic plan has caused a melt down in our economy that our government is now trying to fix by further rejecting His laws (which are also basic economics 101). Sadly our nations refuses to accept the existence of absolutes so we are willing to keep trying things that have failed over and over and over because maybe this time we are enlightened enough to make it work. The end result is that the wisdom of men is foolishness. In future posts I will go into more detail to show you how things are. as I say here.