Sunday, April 10, 2011

Even a blind dog finds a bone every now and again

Who are the good guys in Libya? I really don't think there are any. We have an anti-American government fighting Al-Qaeda. I really don't want either side to win. It seems that in being so set that America can't win Obama may have stumbled on a great idea. We sill give just enough aid that no one really wins and they keep killing each other. As long as we don't put any troops on the ground and don't do much more than the no fly zone that might be exactly what we end up doing. I wish I could say that it was a brilliant move carried out after great thought by smart people, but since there was no real thought and we aren't talking about smart people when it comes to the UN (the real group that made the move) I can't say that. Even though I think it might work out I really do not like the way we went about it. No stated objective, no speech or backing by congress, and no clear guidance to let people know what it is exactly we are doing. Isn't this the same bunch who whined about Bush's goals in Iraq not being clear? At least Bush had goals. Isn't this the same bunch that whined that Bush should have had congress approve the Iraq war twice? At least he had congress's approval. Well Mr. President we see your kind of change and we don't like it. We want to be the strong world power who when we make a move people know where we stand and fear if they aren't on our side. I good move made by bumbling doesn't really count as a good move when it comes to policy.